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I first heard the gospel as a boy in a Potter County (Pennsylvania) church. I was convicted and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save me from my sins. Although I was saved then, it was several years before I received solid Biblical teaching.

In my early teen years my family began attending the same church again, but now it was pastored by an independent Bible-believing pastor, Eldon Vanderhoof. Under his ministry I began to grow spiritually and was baptized as a testimony of my faith in Christ.

The next turning point for me came when I attended a state college in New York state. The Lord dealt with me about consistency in my Christian life. After a year at the state college I transferred to Bob Jones University. After a semester I accepted the Lord's call to prepare for the ministry. In 1980 I graduated with a B. A. in Bible with a minor in Greek. Two years later I received my M. A. in Bible.

My first full time ministry was as an assistant pastor in Pasir Panjang Christ Churchin Singapore. I spent five years in Singapore. I met my wife, Kim, there and we were married and returned together. After she attended and graduated from Clearwater Christian College, I accepted the call to pastor Friedens Bible Chapel. Along the way the Lord has blessed us with two boys, Tim and Luke.

I have been the pastor at Friedens Bible Chapel since 1995. I am thankful for the congregation we have at Friedens and for all the people I have met over the years at Friedens and for the lessons I have learned along the way. We look forward to what He has in store for us in the future.

I hope that you will visit Friedens Bible Chapel and get an opportunity to meet our church family.

Dennis VanEtten
Friedens Bible Chapel

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